Yellow Card/Red Card

by Robin Comey 

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My Kindergartener recently announced that he wants to become a teacher. He doesn’t seem to be able to wait until he graduates from elementary, middle and then high school and college to pursue his dream.  So he has taken it upon himself to put everyone in our house on a yellow card/red card behavioral program.  A program that seems to work well in school, holds every person accountable personally, but also makes each child accountable to their classmates.

In case of  you haven’t heard from your child, it seems to work like this.  Each classroom has a poster with cards with each child’s name on it. It also has yellow cards and red cards. My understanding is that if a teacher feels a child is doing  something he shouldn’t be doing or misbehaving, he gets a first warning. If the same child needs a second warning than the teacher asks him to “flip his card” to a yellow card. The third warning a child receives in the same day, his card goes to a red card, at which point a parent could be called about his/her behavior.  There is also a classroom reward program tied into it.  If no child gets any card flipped for they day, they earn – say several marbles for the marble jar. Once the marble jar is filled, the classroom earns something special.

So back to my aspiring teacher. He has taken to holding everyone accountable in our house by making every member of our family into one of his students. He has cleverly turned the tables on us all.

As  you can see, Mommy has a red card and so does his sister.  Mommy told him he had to get dressed, twice, hence the red card. His sister evidently lied, though I can not confirm nor deny that.   I am concerned that this is not working out especially in my favor. After all, he was the one who had to be asked twice, so HE should have received the red card. It quickly became clear that I am not the parent or teacher here, he is, and I can’t win.

However, he did tell me that when he gets home from school he will clear the cards and start over. I suspect I’m going to be in a heap of trouble. He already told me he was going to call Nana and tell her of my bad behavior.